About My Work



Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see you soon at our Studio-Store on beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida.

I am Emerson Quillin. I'm an Artist.

My art is fun and free-moving, whimsical and "off-beat". I like to bring joy and smiles to people through my art, so many of my pieces reflect upon the things that we cherish most in life...family, friends, pets, the happy memories we share together.

My style has developed over time after graduating from Indiana State University with a degree in Art and a Masters from Rhode Island School of Design. I spent several years working as the Creative Director for Champion Products (Champion Sportswear) in NY and then another sportswear firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

One year I took a short leave of absence and attended a couple of "Illustrator Workshops" in Paris, France and in Dublin, Ireland. That trip inspired me to begin illustrating in my own unique style.  I was filled with a new creative energy.

In 1985, I began licensing my art and illustrations for use on all sorts of new items...everything from coffee mugs and posters, to greeting cards and tee-shirts.

During that same period, I began my cartoonist career. My cartoon panel, "Listen Honey", appeared for 25 years in The Cincinnati Post.

My family and I moved to Anna Maria Island in 2009 where we enjoy the Florida lifestyle and operate our studio-retail store.

I invite you to stop by my store located at 5354 Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach and you'll find original Canvas Paintings, signed prints, Greeting Cards, Tee-Shirts, Tumblers, our famous "Night-Shirt in a Bag," unique gifts and all sorts of fun and unique nautical items. 






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